FDR is developed by the University of Oxford, and is available commercially. We offer a wide variety of different licenses, including named user licenses, floating licenses, and more complex licenses that, for instance, allow FDR to be embedded into other tools. We also offer commercial support for FDR, and can offer consultancy either to analyse particular systems, or to consult on the use of CSP and FDR itself.

To discuss commercial licenses or to obtain evaluation licenses, please contact us with your requirements.

Do I need a licence?

All use of FDR require a license, however, you do not need to purchase a license if you are engaged in normal academic activity. Specifically, if your use that falls within the following categories it will be permitted using a free academic license, which is obtainable from within FDR itself:

No other use is permitted without a suitable commercial license. Therefore the following activities are prohibited:

Note that the above list is not exhaustive, but merely indicative.

Evaluation licenses

We are also able to provide commercial evaluation licenses upon request. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this.

Software that uses FDR

Any piece of software that makes use of FDR's API or otherwise uses its functionality must not include a copy of FDR; instead users should be directed to download a copy from the usual location. Further, the software must make it clear to the users of the software that they are required to obtain a license for their usage of FDR.

Commercial developers of such software should notify us of such activity to discuss licensing opportunities.

If you are in any doubt about your class of use, you should contact us.